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Fused Glass

Fused Glass  is another option to create using various glass medium.  Open to ages 9 and up unattended.  

Girl painting.jpg

Pottery Painting

* Drop in anytime during studio hours and choose from our large assortment of ceramic pieces of pottery.  No reservation required for 6 or less

* Choose from more than 100 paint colors

*We have stencils, sponges, silkscreens, and more to help with your creativity

* We clean up the mess!

Leave your piece with us and we will do the rest

* Your project will be ready for pick up within 7-10 days

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We offer a variety of activities for all ages:

  • Clay

  • Pottery Wheel

  • Birthday Parties

  • Adult Nights

  •  Team Builders

  • Classes

  • Workshops

  • Off-Site Events

  • Pottery-To-Go

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