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Camps and Workshops

Clay FootFlop.jpg

June 6

Create at set of Clay Flip Flops. 

Time: 10am

Cost: $25.00

Summer Fun _CNMPottery.jpg

June 7

Arcade Mania

Kids will create this fun Pac Man Plate

Time 10am

Cost: 30.00

Hands Down Fun.jpg

June 8

Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care! Makes a nice ring holder.

Time 10am

Cost: $25.00

Summer Fun _ CNMPottery.jpg

June 13

Calling all Cat Lovers. Do you catch them looking at you? 

Time 10am

Cost $30.00

Gnoming It Up.jpg

June 14

Gnoming aroung the house. Create yours.

Time 10am

Cost 25.00

Catch of the day.001.jpeg

June 15

Catch of the Day - Fish Lovers plate

Time 10am

Cost: $30.00

Fry Day.png

June 16

The weekend is here! Lets Celebrate FryDay.

Time: 10am

Cost: 25.00

Cat or Dog.jpg

June 17

Canvas Day with our favorite pet. Choose Cat or Dog

Time: 10am

Cost: 25.00

Squishy Plate-2.png

June 21

Canvas Day with our favorite Squishy

Time: 10am

Cost: 25.00

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