Kids and Art

We get lots of call to the studio asking if this is a place where kids and come and paint or create are?

We are! We are open to kids of all ages, and welcome and encourage their creative expession. Some of the best art is from our youngest guest. Those who cross the boundary of the color spectrum. Not sticking to the rule that all penguins must be painted black and white.

I noticed when kids get older, they seem forced to move to the status quo, and slowly creativity seems to go back to the norm. A Paint Your Own Pottery Studio says this is the time to let your hair down and allow the inner child to come out. Our featured artist shows you how to express your inner child through art.

Featured Artist:

Easton came into the studio to create a project for his mom. Easton is 2 and loves art. I'm sure Mom will enjoy the finish project for years to come.

Loving the Hat! A sign of a serious artist at work.