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Our Policies

We strive to give everyone a great experience and to keep a consistent balance we use the following policies:


CLASSES: Due to limited time with our students and the ease for distraction to all children involved in the class (we don't want to take away from their excitement to create!), we ask that parents drop off and  to pick them up promptly when class is over (please be sure an emergency medical form is on file with the desk). Only classes for students under the age of 4 or designed with a parent are encouraged to attend.

Our class times are structured...we may not be able to accept students to enter a class after a particular time, so being prompt helps everyone! For series classes, please speak with your instructor if you will be late or missing a class ahead of time so you can discuss the best options.

All classes must be paid in full to hold your seat as a student. This is applied to all series art classes and limited seated workshops unless otherwise noted. Registration can be held by phone, in person or over the website .

Classes requiring a registration fee to hold a seat that are left unpaid prior to the class may be filled if the seat is needed by a paying student. Other classes, as noted, may be paid at the door the day of the class.

Need to cancel your registration? Please note the following: Registrations cancelled before 7 days prior to class is a full refund; between 7 days and 72 hours is a 50% refund; after 72 hours or no-shows forfeit all registration fees and cannot be credited.


Any classes missed during a series session are forfeited.

We reserve the right to change times, dates, age restrictions and classes as needed. If a class is changed, altered or cancelled, registered students will be notified immediately with options for reimbursement or enrolling in a different class or obtaining credit.

All refunds (outside of same-day transactions) will be refunded by check. Please allow one week for the check to be mailed to the supplied address.

All work must be taken with the student within 30 days of the class. Art work left beyond those 30 days may be donated or recycled.

Ceramics classes please note that there is a rotating schedule of kiln firings which may cause a delay in retrieving works made. We still require works to be picked up within the 30 days and refer to the instructors directions to these dates of firing for pick up.

POTTERY PAINTING: All of our pottery painting is offered as a walk in service and parties. Pottery is left with CNM to be clear glazed and fired. Usual pick up is 7-12 days dependent on pottery size, kiln load and studio schedule (i.e., holiday hours). After 30 days, we will provide a friendly reminder call to pick up works, after 7 days from this point we reserve the right to donate works. Sorry, we are unable to call when works have been fired though the date is provided at check out. Larger pottery pieces and those that require after firing detailing may require excess days after the posted pick up date.

Pottery is a low-fire bisque which we highly recommend not using in the oven, microwave or dishwasher as this may cloud or break down and lower the life of your pottery. All fired pottery are food safe. Pottery painted with acrylics are not food safe and should only be painted on pottery not intended for food use. Pottery is fragile, please take care of your artwork!

We do welcome our guests who are unable to complete the painting of their pottery to checkout and leave the pottery with us to return the next day to complete. Guests are welcomed to take paid pottery home (we will wrap and bag items) and return at a later date to complete with a paid receipt. Uncompleted works left at the Studio over limited time will be provided a courtesy call and if left unfinished will be reclaimed.

PARTIES and WORKSHOPS: All parties are required to put a $25non-refundable deposit to hold the date - lessons require $25 deposit. Parties and lessons can have a maximum of 24 participants.  Parties/workshops that have not paid the deposit are liable to loose their reservation if date is requested. This deposit is applied toward the party/workshop total. Parties/workshops cancelled 14 days+ prior to party date can reschedule once without another deposit. Parties cancelled after 13 days or less prior to party/lesson date forfeit all deposit. 


CNM provides numerous discounts/specials dependent on the day, distribution channels and to guests at check out. Please note that we are unable to combine discounts, specials or coupons. This is subjected to per family per day.

Loyalty cards are one punch per $20 retail (prior to tax) spent in a transaction for cash, credit card or check purchases and must be punched at the time of purchase. After the card is full, this may be redeemed for a credit towards any class, merchandise or walk in service (pottery, glass or canvas painting) and can only be used for one transaction (not a rolling credit). Loyalty cards, discounts and coupons are not redeemable for cash or cash back and punches can not be earned for purchases made by credit, P.O. or gift certificates.

Have a suggestion? Would like to share your experience?

Please contact the, Creative Director/Owner ofCNM, at either 512-528-1157 or through the contact page. We encourage communication and like to hear from you!

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