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Drops on Blue Surface

Discover the beauty of Fused Glass, a captivating alternative to ceramics! Have you experienced its magic yet? If not, why wait? Swing by our studio and let our talented team guide you through crafting stunning walk-in projects or organizing a memorable fused glass birthday party.

Unleash your creativity in our invigorating Fused Glass art class, where you can craft exquisite:

  • Night lights

  • Sun catchers

  • Small dishes

  • Candle holders

Prices start at just $35.00!

Join us in our glass workshops where we delve into crafting Plates, Platters, and Large Bowls. These workshops cater to ages 18 and over, ensuring a focused and safe environment for all. Our artists utilize top-of-the-line tools, including glass saws, to bring your visions to life. For safety purposes, we kindly ask that no children participate in these workshops.

Experience the allure of Fused Glass with us today!

Drops on Blue Surface
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